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What if we could design everything sustainably?

I like to challenge design to create solutions that lead to sustainable life styles and business models


Materialize ideas through products, services and systems.


Create &

Think differently


Balance economic, social and environmental aspects, while creating value for all of them.


Design for today's reality



A broader view of the profession of Design.

Commonly, DESIGN is related to the creation of useful objects, comfortable spaces and astonish graphics, however, in a world of fast changing, Design methodologies and tools also facilitate other human activities, enabling conversations and bringing tangibility that helps to make ideas happen.


About me.

I am a person who has found, through design, the perfect way of making any idea come to life. From this creative feeling I studied Industrial Design with emphasis on Human-Centered Design and Social Entrepreneurship. I consider design as a humanitarian profession that has the potential of shaping social dynamics and promoting change. Bearing this in mind, I continued my studies taking a Master in Leading and organizing for Sustainability, looking for promoting sustainable design processes that lead to products and business that balance social, environmental and economic aspects.


Along my career I have been working on the creation of bridges that connect not only different fields but also cultures and contexts. This has leaded me to live in different places and work in very different fields such as: Robotics and interaction design, interior and furniture design and design for social innovation.

What can I share?

Lead Sustainably Projects

Design and Produce Spaces and Products

Develop Suitable Ways of Communicating

Lead Community engagement Processes

Expertise in Human-centered Design & Design Thinking


" There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why? 

I dream of things that never have been, and ask why not? ”

Robert K.



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